Our Company

Raymond Budd’s passion for printing began in 1970 with a small Multilith press in his garage. The company specialized in printing stationery products and business forms for the local Pacific Northwest clientele. Ray and his wife Linda together handled the entire printing process from start to finish, often resulting in long 18 hour days with only two goals in mind: complete customer satisfaction and to provide economic stability for their family. As the company matured, Precision Graphics began to heavily invest in state of the art printing equipment, and employ more people who brought valuable industry knowledge and experience to the company. Quickly, the Pacific Northwest company became a well-respected commercial printing plant.

While Precision Graphics is substantially different from its original roots, it continues to be a family owned and operated company. Through hard work and dedication, Precision Graphics is now a leader in the retail folding carton industry.  Precision’s team continues to share the original goal of complete customer satisfaction and a keen eye for quality, which was deeply rooted by Ray Budd more than 50 years ago.