Folding Cartons

Let Precision Graphics help you with your next folding carton project! Our 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility includes all the equipment necessary to complete your project from start to finish.

Whether you are looking for an auto bottom, STE, RTE, display cartons, 4 corner, 6 corner boxes; our design engineers will create a custom die line and make paper recommendations to properly fit and hold the weight of your product.

Once the design is established we will complete the process with final proofs ready for your review. Upon approvals, we will proceed on our state of the art Heidelberg printing press. Our skilled press operators will match your color to G7 standards, the gold standard at making your product shine! The cartons will transition into die cutting, and finally fold and glue. That’s it, we are ready to ship!

Completed Folding Carton

Carton Engineering

Precision Graphics retail packaging folding carton artwork
Completed Folding Carton